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Two-tier Steel Locker

Two Tier Steel Locker

Do you need more hanging space in a small compartment? Looking for high-quality lockers that will survive through the high school dramas that your kids may put them through? Take a peek at our two-tiered vaults for sale on our website

Tough and Strong, suited for heavy-duty usage and storage. Metal Lockers are indeed the standard in the locker industry. Steel Locker is offered in a broad array of container sizes, to meet the changing demands of various enterprises

From gym locker to school locker to employee locker. Whether your organization is a school, a fitness club, or a company, the correct locker will provide your customers with a sense of security and reflect your devotion to maintaining a corporate image

Whether the project is indeed a sports locker area, a set for school lockers, or locker room of your workers, or even a gym locker space, we are here to advise you.

Whatever your storage requirements, our two-layer lockers will be able to satisfy them. To select customized storage solutions that provide the best in terms of user comfort, safety, and space efficiency, our knowledgeable team is ready for on-site consultations. With affordable pricing combined with a high-quality product that will endure for years, it’s no wonder that schools, workplaces, gyms, and business proprietors all appreciate our two-layer lockers. They have shown to be excellent storage solutions for students, staff, and clients on several different occasions

Options for securing your belongings

  • Locking with a key
  • Latch lock with the option of a padlock

Locks with a single point of entry on tiered lockers

The following are the common components of our two-tier lockers:

  • Metal structure for long-term use.
  • Construction using rivets
  • Hinge pins that are internally fastened
  • Stiffeners for welded doors
  • Key locking/latch lock systems are available as an option.
  • Coat racks and coat hooks are provided.

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