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Buy the Original Linbin® Storage Bins!

Best Linbins

Can there be an industry in the world that does not use Linbin® storage bins?

Linbin® storage bins are the original storage bins, and they are still considered the best!

Why are Linbin® storage bins the industry standard?

Ever since Linbin® storage bins were invented, it has been the number one storage container in South Africa!  Many millions are in use everyday in every industry, and it is the only container to carry a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Linbin® storage bins are the strongest on the market. It holds components securely, yet it is easy to pick from. It stacks solidly and are extremely hardwearing. Use our bins with louvre panels to optimize storage space and keep your stock perfectly organised!

With NINE colours and SEVEN sizes to choose from, colour coding & organising your stock has never easier. Making it easier and quicker than ever before to pick stock. Colour coding stock improves productivity, there is no need for us to tell you how important increased productivity is for your business.

Guaranteed for life!

Yes, you read that correctly our Linbin® storage bins comes with a lifetime guarantee! – very few things in life still comes with this type of guarantee.

Why is that you ask? We are confident in our product!

  • Made from high-strength polypropylene co-polymer
  • The toughest bin anywhere
  • Large label slot for quicker stock picking
  • Reinforced ribs allow stacking without distortion
  • Full-width lip for secure locating to louvre panels
  • Largest available range for a bigger choice of sizes

Perfectly designed with our customers in mind!

Linbin® storage bin

  1. Divider slots every size bin.
  2. Deep back lip to locate container onto louvre panel securely.
  3. Larger users can have their own logo and in their corporate colours.
  4. Incredibly strong girder type moulding to provide extra stacking strength.
  5. Wide base moulding to stack securely.
  6. Seven Sizes & nine colours. The largest range available.
  7. Wide top lip and locator to make sure each bin stacks securely.
  8. Smooth internal features with curved edges, designed or easy cleaning and quick stock picking.
  9. Wide identification label card groove
  10. High strength polypropylene, the toughest there is!

Linbin® storage bins are setting the industry standard

No wonder it is considered are the worlds favourite storage containers!

Now, all that is left to do is pick your preferred size and colour of choice.

Shop the original Linbin® storage bin online!

Storm Browne


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