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Office Storage: Keep Your Desk Tidy with the Linbin Storage Bin

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When work gets rough and that creeping feeling starts to settle in that you might be getting (very) behind on your admin, nothing fuels the fire more than an untidy, unorganized desk. Now, we’re not in the business of telling you how to go about your work – but there are some real benefits to reap from including efficient and quality office storage to your workspace that will inspire productivity.

So, in an attempt to help you prioritize your work, keep your desk tidy and stay organized – here are a few benefits of using the Linbin Storage Bin to keep the mess to a minimum and improve your office storage.

1. Great office storage will decrease stress

Did you know that on average, a person with an unorganized desk spends 4.3 hours per week looking for paper? Skip the yoga and mindfulness exercises – you can decrease your stress levels by investing in shelving and racking to organize your desk. Overall an unorganized desk will inevitably lead to misplaced documents, clutter, and lost documents. Be sure to find everything right where and when you need it with our office storage range.

2. Use office storage solutions to improve focus

Have you ever felt as if you can’t get to work before cleaning your desk? Most of us brush it off as harmless procrastination, but in reality, there is a psychological element to this time-consuming task. Keeping an organised desk will help improve focus, as you will spend less time fumbling around trying to find important documents or resources.

3. Good office storage creates a great first impression

Your office is a reflection of your business, and even if you don’t have regular clients walking into your office, you still want it to leave a good first impression. By keeping your space tidy and organized you create an environment that inspires collaboration, feels productive to work in and helps you prioritize the important tasks and get rid of the mess.


The LinBin allows you to compartmentalise and segment your tasks – whether it be documents, tools, resources or stationary, ensuring that everything is within reach and there when you need it.

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