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Nine Office Storage Tips to Boost Productivity

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Having the correct storage space in your office makes a huge difference and decreases the clutter. Working in chaos can cloud one’s mind and create confusion.

To make the best out of your space, we have put together nine office storage tips to boost productivity and make the work space an organised, happy place for all.

1.   Open Shelving

Open shelving is appealing because it is customisable and easy to assemble. It provides workers with a space to store office supplies and clear the clutter from their desks. If organised correctly, it boosts productivity as it makes items easy to find.

Open shelving can still look cluttered and messy, so keep spaces between items by breaking them up with objects like book stands or pot plants.

2.   Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are an excellent way to hide various office supplies from sight. Items like envelopes, extra power cords, paper and bulk stationery create clutter and should be hidden from view until needed.

Office storage usually isn’t cheap, so by using boxes, you are saving money and recycling! So how does this boost productivity? Labelling your boxes makes inventory easy to find, and employees won’t waste valuable time searching for office supplies.

3.   Box Shelves

Box shelves, often called cubes, provide an optimal shape for most storage containers, baskets, and boxes while being small enough to store books, documents, and stationery.

You can purchase DIY box shelves that are easy to construct and customisable to fit the space. They are also a modern way to spruce up your office.

4.   Sort out the Mail

Businesses receive a lot of mail, and most of the time, it is either confidential or really important. There are various countertop mail organisers on the market, optimal at organising your mail. Alternatively, you could opt to build your own with ready to purchase DIY kits.

5.   Glass Jars

Glass jars are the new craze in office storage at the moment. They come in multiple sizes and are very versatile. Use them to store your writing paraphernalia, paper clips, business cards and more!

6.   Portable Storage

Purchasing office storage with wheels is a great idea. Stop wasting time by trying to move a heavy filing cabinet. Portable storage is a breeze to move, allowing employees to get back to work sooner.

They come with breaks, so there is no need to worry about them moving once placed in their designated spot.

7.   Built-In Storage

An oldie but goodie, built-in storage hides all the clutter from prying eyes, making your workspace open, airy and welcoming.

8.   Filing, Filing, Filing!

One of the best office storage solutions is a filing cabinet. While boring, this option has a proven track record of keeping things organised while increasing productivity.

9.   Cable Organiser

Have you ever seen a wireless office? It looks amazing! However, not many businesses can afford the wireless option, but there is a solution that won’t break the bank.

Cable organisers instantly clear up the clutter that cords and wires unleash. Sometimes it is still hard to hide your cables, but your workspace looks neat and modern once they are organised.

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