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From office containers to supplies: Storage tips for your small business

Storage Tips

If you’re the proud owner of a small business, chances are that during at least one stage of your entrepreneurial journey, storage space has been a bit tight. Most small business owners start from their home office before committing to business premises. Regardless of your work setup or environment, it can take a while to get the right shelving solution that can increase efficiency, productivity and look good while doing it!

Create actual folders

Yes, we’re aware it’s a bit old school, but some things just require a hard copy! We’ve all reached a point where we convince ourselves that we wouldn’t dare lose track of something, and then as soon as you know it – it’s gone. We’d strongly recommend an office container to keep all your folders and to create folders for all the important files and admin work that you’ll need on a rainy day.

Don’t neglect your computer chords

Computer cables and electrical chords can easily create a cluttered and unorganised feel to your workspace. It may not feel so now, but as soon as you wrap and label your computer chords, you’ll free up so much space that could be used for extra desk or storage space using our office containers.

Invest in smaller office containers

Now, we’re not telling you to go full-steam Monica from Friends, but buying smaller containers for your desk or office is a great way to keep your space organised and tidy. As soon as you have a designated space for office supplies, stationery, files and stock – it won’t only make it easier to keep organised but will allow you to find anything you need without having to go on a scavenger hunt.

Label your shelves

It’s no help at all if you know you put it in a shelf, somewhere, but you’re not sure which one. Labelling your shelves and office containers is a sure fire way to ensure that everyone stores everything in its correct place without any confusion.

If you’ve found this a helpful read, why not try implementing some of these tips with some of our office containers? Have a look through our blog about our top product recommendations here.

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