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Different Types of Pallet Jacks

Pallet Jack

Investing in a pallet jack would only benefit your business. Your staff will be able to move significant quantities with ease, making their workload so much less while increasing productivity.

Many people think you need a license to operate it, but this is not true, and anybody can use one. However, you should always train your workers properly to avoid any accidents.

There are various types of pallet jacks, and all of the electric options are battery operated and need charging when you are not using them. Their battery life generally lasts between 3-4 hours.

Below is a list of the different types of electric pallet jacks and their benefits:

The Electric Pallet Jack

This option comes with a power drive, and power lift, which means moving loaded pallets requires minimal effort.


  • Eco-friendly
  • No physical effort is required for operation, leaving the driver free to concentrate on their navigation.
  • A safer option as you can set the speed limit, there is an emergency stop and electric hydraulic lift pumps.

The Semi-Electric Pallet Jack

This option comes with a power drive, allowing the driver to steer and navigate better when compared to a traditional hand pallet jack.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Improved steering
  • Safer due to its emergency stop function, power braking and ability to set a speed limit
  • Can manoeuvre in a small space

The Heavy Duty Electric Pallet

This option is perfect for moving considerably large and heavy pallets over a long distance (long distance being a large warehouse). Heavy duty is described as anything heavier than 2000kg,

You can only imagine the types of benefits this product can offer, not to mention the considerable time your workers will save so they can focus on other duties.


  • The location of the handle controls a creep function
  • Anti-slip function to prevent the pallet jack from moving
  • Great suspension for effortless operation over long distances
  • Emergency stop button
  • Power steering
  • The ability to limit speed

How to Care for your Electric Pallet Jack

To ensure a long lifespan, you need to maintain your electric pallet jack frequently. To ensure it runs smoothly, adhere to the following:

  • Batteries do not require any attention as they are maintenance-free; however, you will need to change them every now and again.
  • When charging, make sure that it is fully charged before using it again
  • Just as with a car, you need to check the tyres often; if there are any abnormalities, you should replace them.
  •  Make sure to store your pallet jack in a secure dry space, do not use it in the rain or keep it outside.
  • Oil the steering joints every six months
  • Do not use on an uneven floor; this can damage the pivots
  • Check the evenness of your floors regularly, as any minor detail could cause deterioration. This could include expansion joints, metal cable covers or damage to the floor.

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