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Benefits of a Platform Trolley

Platform Trolley

Do you want to increase productivity while investing in a durable piece of equipment for your business? In an industrial setting, a platform trolley can be a lifesaver. 

There are so many benefits of a platform trolley; it will be hard to list all of them. Unlike most equipment, they don’t need regular maintenance, and they last for years before you need to replace them.

Find out more about the various benefits of this product and why we love them so much!

A Safer Option

The whole point of a platform trolley is to move heavy items from point A to point B so that employees don’t have to lift them, which could pose a risk of injury or damage to the product.

This puts less strain on the staff while increasing productivity. However, it is essential not to overload the platform trolley as this could result in unreliable transportation of the goods, which can damage the products. Even though they make the workspace safer, employees should still wear protective clothing like gloves, safety shoes, and suitable clothing to avoid personal injury.

Increased Productivity

While the platform trolley provides a safe way to move around heavy objects, it prevents overworked staff, boosting productivity. Employees who constantly pick up heavy objects will burn out very quickly and even sustain long-term injuries.

By purchasing a platform trolley, you will save yourself and your employee’s time while ensuring your staff are comfortable and safe. Your workers will have extra time and energy to concentrate on other aspects of the business, and more can get done during the day. This will not only keep your employees happy but will make you more money in the long run.


The best thing about platform trolleys is their versatility. There are numerous options to choose from, which all serve different purposes. Therefore, investing in multiple variations would be a good idea. 

Weight can range from 25kg – 1000kg, and they can handle the usual wear and tear, lasting for years. Other types include:

Shelf Trolley

This option comes with shelves that accommodate different sized boxes. The shelves are usually placed at an angle to prevent anything from falling off. There are also bars on three sides of the structure, with only one side completely open, which provides an extra barrier to ensure everything stays in place.

Cage Trolley

Just as the name implies, the cage trolley is surrounded by mesh walls that act as a barrier and prevents items from falling off. It is also one of the safest platform trolleys on the market.

You can purchase this option with shelving for optimal organization, which is very useful. If you need a heavy-duty trolley, always opt for a steel option as they are the most durable and can hold the most weight.

Tool Trolley

This is an excellent option for any maintenance business. Tool trolleys are generally the smallest of all the options and usually come with shelving to help organize smaller items.

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