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7 Shelving and Racking Tips

Racking and Shelving Tips

When purchasing shelving and racking, there are few things you need to take into consideration. There are various size options and multiple designs to choose from; it’s hard to make the correct choice.

Shelving and racking can make a massive difference to the aesthetics of the space, but their primary purpose is organization, which minimizes clutter and boosts productivity.

However, selecting the wrong size or shape can severely impact your space and cause a big headache for everyone involved. That’s why we have composed a few helpful tips to aid you with your purchase to achieve maximum efficiency.

1.     Plan Ahead

Before going out and impulse buying, put together a proper plan. First, work with the space you have and consult with staff to develop ideas on where to place the shelving and racking. Then, measure out the area and decide where you will be putting the shelves.

2.     Maximize Storage Space

To make the most of your storage space, always install shelves in long rows instead of short ones. This will provide you with more space for storage.

If you don’t have a lot of surface area to work with, try opting for vertical options instead of expanding horizontally. By adding shelving and racking vertically, you minimize the affected surface area but still have adequate storage.

3.     Practicality

An excellent example of this is a food distribution centre or warehouse. When working with perishable items, you need to label them correctly so employees can rotate them.

You will need shelving and racking to accommodate multiple items while having enough space for your employees to see the sell-by dates on the items and rotate them accordingly.

4.     Bulk Storage Racks

These come in handy when you have products too big to fit on shelves. Bulk storage racks come in various lengths, depths and heights. They are the perfect solution to store:

  • Air filters
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Gear Motors

5.     Mobile Shelving and Racking

To get the best value for your purchase, invest in mobile shelving and racking. Then, if you feel the racks are not working in a particular area, you can move them around until you are happy with little to no effort. These options are not only mobile; they are designed to be flexible and convertible to fit in any space regardless of restrictions.

6      Durability

Purchasing shelving and racking can be costly, and you don’t want to replace them frequently. Instead, ensure you buy the most durable option for the specific space. For example, warehouse shelving is generally made from steel which usually lasts forever.

Always install them correctly by bolting them down (except the mobile options) to avoid any accidents and ensure there is enough space between racks for accessibility.

7.     Organization

You can buy the best racking system out there; if it is not maintained correctly, it will be inefficient.

Train yourself and your staff to keep everything organized. The disorder will only result in chaos, and you will end up losing money in the long run if inventory is misplaced or lost. Having unorganized shelving and racking will also decrease productivity.

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