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6 Step Rolling Ladder Safety

6 step rolling ladders are typically used in warehouses or storage areas with high shelving that staff need to access frequently. What’s impressive about this ladder is that it is mobile and has handrails for safety purposes.

To ensure they are durable and light for easy mobility, 6 step rolling ladders are made from non-magnetic metals, light in weight and resistant to corrosion like aluminium.

You should always inspect it before each use and ensure you carry out routine maintenance at least once every 30 days for safety purposes.

Not many people know this, but misusing ladders in the workspace has caused multiple accidents, which in some cases were fatal, so that is why it is imperative to familiarize yourself with OSHA ladder design and use requirements

When should you use a 6 Step Rolling Ladder?

It is said that you should only use a ladder for short intervals as a precaution. However, if your task requires you to use one for more than 30 minutes, it is advised to rather opt for a different piece of equipment.

It is essential to train your staff to only use a 6 step rolling ladder in a safe setting where the ground is level or when practical.

Inspect the Ladder before Use

You should always inspect a 6 step rolling ladder before use and ensure there are no visual defects and everything is in its place and safe to use.

You should carry out the inspection:

  • At the beginning of every workday
  • After you have moved it from two different areas, e.g., outside to inside (always check the feet or wheels)

Ensure to inspect the locking mechanisms. They can sometimes bend or wear out, and you don’t want the ladder to move around when using it.

Checking the steps is essential; if there is a spill or any sort of contamination; it could make them slippery and cause a horrendous accident. Also, ensure that all the steps are stable and haven’t come loose.

If you notice any of these issues, do not use the 6 step rolling ladder. Rather be safe and report it to a senior staff member or employer.

The Correct Way to Use a 6 Step Rolling Ladder

You should always follow the below requirements to ensure safety and efficiency in the workplace:

  • Only use on firm and level ground
  • Stick to clean, solid surfaces like paving slabs or floors.
  • Ensure there is no oil or any sort of substance underneath it
  • Never use on sand
  • Be cautious of shinny floors; they can be slippery even if there is no slippery substance on the floor.
  • Keep out of areas where it could be struck by passing vehicles
  • If you need to use it in a public setting, ensure that it is protected at all times. You don’t want kids or inquisitive passers-by to climb it and come to harm.
  • Always store it in a secure area where it is inaccessible to untrained personnel.

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