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5 Must-Have Items to improve your office storage

Improve office storage

Get the most out of your office space with our top five must-have items. Not only will these office storage solutions make organising an absolute breeze, but they will turn your space into a tidy, professional and well-kept area that inspires creativity and productivity.

1. For the bench: Unit complete with 10 Linbins

Spice up your LinBins with a complete bench unit, making storage uncomplicated, effective and nice to look at too!  Store your files, resources, tools, stock or bits and bobs so they are easily accessible and categorised. Each bench unit doesn’t require any fixing either, making it effortless to install and portable too!

2 Behind closed doors: Full-Size Cabinet 

The possibilities are endless with the versatility of our full-size cabinets. They’re our go-to for efficient and secure storage and offer a safe space to store valuable items. Each steel storage cabinet includes two-point locking doors that allow for that little bit of extra storage security when needed.

3 Keep things fresh: Fluted Litter Bin

A big part of keeping your office storage organised and tidy is knowing what to keep and what to throw away. With the Fluted Litter bin in your office, you can get rid of the mess and do it in style with the aesthetic appeal of the cylinder bin.

4 Storage untangled: Cable Holder

Louvre panels are not just for holding Linbin® Storage Bins! These panels are some of our favourites and are the answer to all your tangled troubles. Insert a Louvre Panel in your office storage space and place any cable, strings, wires or rope in the holder, keeping them handy, organised and tangle-free.

5 Safety First: Basic Medical Cabinet

A big part of effective office storage is being prepared. And that includes being prepared for any accidents or mishaps that may happen on your premises. Ensure that you are fully kitted out for any curveballs, allowing your employees to rest at ease knowing that their health and safety is a top priority.

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