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12 of the Best Office Supplies for a Small Business

Office Supplies

Office supplies are the heart of any business, and people tend to overlook the importance of items like computers, paper, staplers, pens and files. If you really want to improve morale and productivity, investing in a good coffee machine might also pay off.

This article will discuss the best office supplies for any small business and why they are so important.

1.   Computers

In today’s day and age, having a computer in the workplace is essential. Everything has gone digital, from filing to keeping track of orders; the possibilities are endless. If you need to travel for business, investing in a laptop would make your life 100x easier.

2.   Files and Folders

Files and folders play an essential role in any business. They de-clutter your space while storing and preserving important documents.

3.   Tools for Writing

Items such as pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, sharpeners and erasers are always necessary and available at any office supply store. Purchase them in bulk as there is nothing more annoying than not finding a pen when you need one.

4.   Printers

Printers save you time and money. However, they can be pretty expensive, but in the end, the investment is worth it. You will save time and money in the long run by not having to travel to a store for your printing needs. In addition, modern printers usually have scanning and copying functions as well.

5.   Fastening Tools

Items like staplers, staple removers, staples, paper clips and rubber bands are crucial in any office. Never misplace a document again by grouping them all together with one of these handy tools.

6.   Envelopes

Create a good impression with personalized envelopes. You can even go green and create digital ones.

7.   Calendar

Other office supplies you can personalize are calendars. Choose a great design and add your company name and logo to it. This will look great on your desk, and you can gift them to your favourite customers.

8.   A Phone System

No small business would be able to run without phones. Not only do they provide your clients with a way to contact you, but it also makes communication within the workplace super easy.

9.   Desk Organizer

A desk organizer is a perfect solution to a cluttered desk; work in chaos no more! This product saves you from spending the majority of your day looking for lost stationary.

10.   Water Dispenser

Keeping employees hydrated with clean, cool water is in your best interest. A refreshing cup of water can boost productivity while keeping your workers healthy.

11.   Post-its

Having something small on your desk to write notes on can be really useful, not to mention that you can stick them onto anything as a reminder.

12.   First-Aid Kit

Most office supplies are essential, but none more than a first-aid kit. Accidents happen when you least expect it, and it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that there is always a first-aid kit available.

Now it is time to start shopping! Your business will run like a well-oiled machine with these 12 office supplies. Start shopping here

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